Sunday, October 27, 2019

The shoes

The day has come. Carrie had to tell her mother. Well, not about exactly everything, but nearly.. something. Just a part of it. The important part. She had to do this. She couldn't handle it anymore.

"Mom?", she almost whispered throughout the small, windy, house.
She wasn't used to ask for new stuff. Different stuff. Ask for anything at all.
"Yes, my darling?"
Her mother stood in the stairs and she looked very, very tired.
"No, never mind".
Her mother looked too tired to bother right now.
"Carrie? Tell me. I listen. I have always time for you."
"Okay... I would like.. to.. to have.. to have new shoes."
"Why? These are almost new?"
Her mother pointed at her purple sneakers.
"Yeah I know".
Carrie was waving her body in all directions, because of her stupid question. She was so embarrassed.
Her mother was analyzing her. Her eyes became darker.
"Well, you can't have a new pair of shoes", she replies.
"I said no".

Carries mother turned her back to her, just like her classmates did when they bullied her for her new shoes. The mother had a tear in her eye, just like she had when her boss told her she couldn't have a decent paycheck this month either.

(C) Trix, written 2019.

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